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France Cuisine crossword puzzle
France Cuisine

sat used in france that is collected when seawater is trapped in salt marshes and the water evaporates from the sun and the wind, herb mixture that …

Culinary Technology & Methods crossword puzzle
Culinary Technology & Methods

tool for filing away the dull portion of knives, result in cube shaped slices, including larger, medium, small and brunoise, kitchen tool used for …

Kidney Beans crossword puzzle
Kidney Beans

eating beans will help in trying to lose this, a type of bean that comes in two variety, beans help to reduce this type of cancer, beans can be added …

Food and Energy Vocabulary crossword puzzle
Food and Energy Vocabulary

one of 20 kinds of organic compounds that are linked chemically to one another, forming proteins, a nutrient that is needed by the body in small …

Baking Terminology crossword puzzle
Baking Terminology

type of dough that contains many layers of fat sandwhiched between layers of dough, flaky pie dough is used as a _ crust on a pie, mealy pie crust is …

Bakers Yeast crossword puzzle
Bakers Yeast

what term describes the expansion of dough as yeast produces carbon dioxide gas?, this protein in wheat flour plays a crucial role in bread dough's …

Delicious Bites crossword puzzle
Delicious Bites

this fruit is often associated with the saying "an _ a day keeps the doctor away.", this fruit is known for its yellow color and curved …

Common Food Allergens crossword puzzle
Common Food Allergens

common bread grain, these foods grow in shells in trees, bass, flounder, cod, etc, may include wheezing, hives, swelling, which came first? the …

Pumpkins crossword puzzle

pumpkins are grown on every continent except _ , pumpkins have on average 500 _ in them, pumpkin seeds are high in the mineral _ , pumpkins are a …

Yeast Breads crossword puzzle
Yeast Breads

kept in by covering dough while rising, results in tougher, more elastic texture, sugar found in starches, chemical reaction of yeast, sugar and warm …

British Foods crossword puzzle
British Foods

they were originally round and fat, a popular british pudding, one of britain's most famous meals, they date all the way back to the 19th century and …

Maple Tapping crossword puzzle
Maple Tapping

what runs out of the tree, the dark thick liquid made from boiling sap, allowed for syrup to be stored and shipped, the tree we make syrup from, the …