Kitchen Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: fridge : it keeps your food cold, oven : you bake in the _ , cutlery : used to eat your food with, cup : what you drink out of?, broom : what you use to sweep the floor, sink : what do you wash the dishes in?, detergent : add this to water to clean the dishes, pantry : where do you keep your dry foods?, kettle : what do you boil water in?, toaster : used to turn bread brown, cereal : a food eaten at breakfast, porridge : a warm breakfast food made from oats, freezer : where you make ice cubes, bin : where you put the rubbish, sausages : meat that is round and long, lemon : a citrus fruit that is yellow, pan : you fry food in a _ , knife : used to cut foods, coffee : a hot drink made from ground beans, dishwasher : a machine that washes dishes, peeler : used to take the skin off potatoes, bowl : you eat soup from a _ .