Animals Crossword Puzzles

Printable animal crossword puzzles are a great way to learn about different animals. This fun and educational activity is a great way to help your kids learn about different animals. They're also a lot of fun to solve.

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Animals from a to Z crossword puzzle
Animals from a to Z

males fight with their necks over females. this is called "necking". (starts with g), this australian marsupial is the symbol for qantas …

Sea, Forest, and Home Animals crossword puzzle
Sea, Forest, and Home Animals

eight-armed cephalopod with suction cups, cunning carnivore with bushy tail, intelligent marine mammal with fins, small rodent often kept as pet, …

Extreme Animals crossword puzzle
Extreme Animals

have transparent eyelids and never shut their eyes, having a special talent or ability;what makes an animal different or special, communicates with …

Wild Wild Safari crossword puzzle
Wild Wild Safari

this majestic animal is known as the "king of the jungle.", it's the largest land mammal with a long trunk and big ears, this tall animal …

Primates crossword puzzle

earth destroyers, our closest living relative, largest living primates, ginger asians, fastest tree-dwelling, non-flying mammals, endemic to …

Wild Animals crossword puzzle
Wild Animals

the king of the jungle, a very fast animal, a fish that has got big teeth, a small animal that lives in poland, a big monkey, an animal that lives in …

Zoo Animals crossword puzzle
Zoo Animals

pink birds that live together in wetlands and rest on one leg, have tails, playful, like fruit, native to the island of madagascar. the ring tails …

Whats the Animal? crossword puzzle
What's the Animal?

king of the jungle, lives in the cold and waddles, this animal is grey with one big horn, this animal has a very long neck, this animal likes to eat …

Birds crossword puzzle

Guess the birds based on the clues given.

Animal Sounds crossword puzzle
Animal Sounds

bee, snake, goose, eagle, turkey, chirp, cow, goat, lion, donkey, pig, duck, mouse, owl, elephant, horse, giraffe, bear, frog, squirrel, cat, gorilla, …

Animal Habitats crossword puzzle
Animal Habitats

where do snakes live?, where do polar bears live?, where do bees live?, where do birds live?, where do rhinos live?, where do penguins live?, where do …

Amazing Animals crossword puzzle
Amazing Animals

found on glaciers in antarctic, hunts mice, said to howl at the moon, lives in a pride, eat bananas, eat carrots, young are called joeys, black and …

Safari Animals crossword puzzle
Safari Animals

it has no legs and slithers on the ground. it has a long tongue, it is the king of the jungle and it has a mighty roar, it has a very long neck. it is …

Dogs & Cats crossword puzzle
Dogs & Cats

the name of the smallest dog breed group, the number of cat breed groups they are, the name of the plane that divides the cranial and caudal parts of …

Prairie Animals crossword puzzle
Prairie Animals

flies around at night, eating bugs in the air, a dark colored, teddy like animal, large horse like animal with giant antlers, a fierce member of the …

Animals And their Babies crossword puzzle
Animals And their Babies

the horse's baby, the bird's baby, the dog's baby, the owl's baby, the cat's baby, the cow's baby, the chicken's baby, the sheep's baby, the goose's …

Ocean Animals crossword puzzle
Ocean Animals

a friendly mammal known for its playful nature, a large fish with sharp teeth, the largest mammal in the ocean, an animal with eight arms, a colorful …

Animals of the World crossword puzzle
Animals of the World

wildcat with spots, swims in swamps with sharp teeth, flying mammal, runs in a ball, pulls santa's sleigh, friends from the ocean, food and blankets …

Dog Breeds that Stand Out crossword puzzle
Dog Breeds that Stand Out

dogs with distinct black marks on a white coat, dogs that were designed to hunt badgers and retrieve them from their burrows, dogs that had a higher …

Dog Breeds crossword puzzle
Dog Breeds

breed of retriever, sporting, small sheepdog, resembles a collie, herding, sled dog from siberia, working, powerful dog, originally from germany, …

Animal Types crossword puzzle
Animal Types

an animal that has a skeleton with a backbone inside its body, a cold-blooded animal with a skeleton inside its body and dry scales or hard plates on …

Jungle Animals crossword puzzle
Jungle Animals

big striped cat, king of the jungle, large animal with a long trunk, swings from tree to tree, big and strong ape, spotted big cat, slithers on the …

Australian Native Animals crossword puzzle
Australian Native Animals

an animal who jumps as high as 12m, doesn't have the right qualifications to be a bear, flightless bird, dumb pig, mini kangaroo, loudest bird alive, …

Animals in the Bible crossword puzzle
Animals in the Bible

most frequently mentioned animal in the bible, white animal in revelation, jesus' parable of the sheep and _ , beware those in sheep's clothing as …

Responsible Dog Ownership crossword puzzle
Responsible Dog Ownership

desex a male dog to prevent these problems as he grows older!, check these if your dog is shaking his head, a great way to train young dogs is puppy …

Sea Turtle crossword puzzle
Sea Turtle

what do you call baby sea turtles?, approximately how many eggs are laid in one nest?, what should you knock down at the beach before you leave?, what …

Horticulture Insects crossword puzzle
Horticulture Insects

the hardened forewings of beetles, hardened external skeleton found in all insects, type of insect that feeds on multiple plant species that are …

Animals of the Bible crossword puzzle
Animals of the Bible

eden tempter, most frequently mentioned animal in the bible, the holy spirit appeared at jesus' baptism as this animal, before the _ crows you will …

Responsible Cat Ownership crossword puzzle
Responsible Cat Ownership

what a baby cat is called, only way home if kitty doesn't wear a collar!, can paralyze your kitty, goes down when an older cat gets sick, like hiv, …

Big Cats crossword puzzle
Big Cats

where you will find the big cats, a leopards prey, meat eater, fur has stripes, fur has rosettes, long tails provide this, keeps the habitat healthy, …

Animal crossword puzzles will help improve your child's vocabulary, knowledge of animals, and problem-solving skills. Print them out and enjoy some quality family time together!

How to Download Animal Crossword Puzzle?

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  • Simply print out the puzzle on paper or cardstock to get started.

Have your kids use a pencil or pen to fill in the blanks. If they get stumped, no problem! The answers are included with the puzzle.

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You can create your own Animal Crossword Puzzles, click on the "Edit" button. You can edit the title, header, font style, clues font size, and words list. You also have the ability to shuffle questions and puzzle size.