Animals Crossword Puzzles

Printable animal crossword puzzles are a great way to learn about different animals. This fun and educational activity is a great way to help your kids learn about different animals. They're also a lot of fun to solve.

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Wild Animals crossword puzzle
Wild Animals

the king of the jungle, a very fast animal, a fish that has got big teeth, a small animal that lives in poland, a big monkey, an animal that lives in …

Wild and Domestic Animals crossword puzzle
Wild and Domestic Animals

gives egg, mostly lives in australia, eats banana, protector of home, usually lives with their gang and found on forest, king of the jungle, produces …

Animals of the World crossword puzzle
Animals of the World

wildcat with spots, swims in swamps with sharp teeth, flying mammal, runs in a ball, pulls santa's sleigh, friends from the ocean, food and blankets …

Horse Breeds crossword puzzle
Horse Breeds

originally from the netherlands these black horses were used for war horse. they are now known for their majesty and high stepping movement, also a …

Jungle Animals crossword puzzle
Jungle Animals

big striped cat, king of the jungle, large animal with a long trunk, swings from tree to tree, big and strong ape, spotted big cat, slithers on the …

Animal Breeding crossword puzzle
Animal Breeding

a female animal that is ready to breed with a male, the parents,grandparents,great grandparents, etc of an animal, a person who breeds animals, the …

Elephants crossword puzzle

variety of elephant, elephant's nose, the cuddly elephant in ‘winnie the pooh’, a group of elephants, loud sound made by elephants, the baby …

Zoo Animals crossword puzzle
Zoo Animals

pink birds that live together in wetlands and rest on one leg, have tails, playful, like fruit, native to the island of madagascar. the ring tails …

Wild Wild Safari crossword puzzle
Wild Wild Safari

this majestic animal is known as the "king of the jungle.", it's the largest land mammal with a long trunk and big ears, this tall animal …

Animal Terminology Review crossword puzzle
Animal Terminology Review

female horse under 3 years that has not had babies, a male chicken that has been castrated, a male sheep that has been castrated before reaching …

Invertebrate crossword puzzle

animals lacking a backbone or vertebral column, the variety of life within a specific ecosystem or habitat, taxonomic rank in biological …

Horses crossword puzzle

this speed is 4-5mph, a horse aged less than a year, a male horse castrated older than 4yr, a female horse older than 4yrs, horses cant do this, a …

Cats crossword puzzle

a cheetah's latin name, a harsh cry male forest cats make to see off their enemies, a cat that had its reproductive organs surgically removed, a type …

Animals and Birds crossword puzzle
Animals and Birds

traps for these animals are very popular, looks like an eagle from a good distance, sometimes people make this bird as a pet, most people shoo this …

Reptiles crossword puzzle

long, sharp teeth, largest group of turtles, a fierce type of turtle, eats plants and animals, poison, long nose/mouths with sharp teeth, snakes that …

Endangered Species crossword puzzle
Endangered Species

Endangered species is an animal or plant that is seriously at risk of extinction.

Sponge crossword puzzle

the red blood cells of sponges, a large opening in sponges, an animal with no backbone, the defense mechanism term, sponges form a tube-like cell …

Dairy Cattle crossword puzzle
Dairy Cattle

the top of the cow's forehead, dual-purpose breed for beef and dairy, an inflammation of the udder, a mixture of different fatty-acid esters called …

Florida Animals crossword puzzle
Florida Animals

the worlds heaviest bony fish and lives in the ocean?, has no feet and is a reptile?, very small , furry and carries babies?, a large species of …

Endangered Animals crossword puzzle
Endangered Animals

polar bears are endangered because of the.., this animal lives in asia and has got the largest ears, which is the habitat of the siberian tiger?, this …

Marine Life crossword puzzle
Marine Life

a large flat sea creature that lives in a shell, some types of which can be eaten either cooked or uncooked, and other types of which produce pearls, …

Sea Creatures crossword puzzle
Sea Creatures

these are the largest animals on earth and they live in every ocean, this animal is umbrella shaped and has trailing tentacles, this creature has skin …

Animal Kingdom crossword puzzle
Animal Kingdom

A basic group of natural objects that includes all living and extinct animals.

Predators crossword puzzle

Predator is an animal that naturally preys on others; means it lives by killing and eating other animals.

Birds and Animals crossword puzzle
Birds and Animals

this animal is a direct descendant of the wolf, this family of birds of prey tend to build their nests in extremely high places, one of these animals …

Foster Animal Vocabulary crossword puzzle
Foster Animal Vocabulary

put into a box and cats use it as a bathroom, animals eat food out of this, canned food mixed with warm water; given to babies as they transition to …

Responsible Dog Ownership crossword puzzle
Responsible Dog Ownership

desex a male dog to prevent these problems as he grows older!, check these if your dog is shaking his head, a great way to train young dogs is puppy …

Responsible Cat Ownership crossword puzzle
Responsible Cat Ownership

what a baby cat is called, only way home if kitty doesn't wear a collar!, can paralyze your kitty, goes down when an older cat gets sick, like hiv, …

Animals in a Human World crossword puzzle
Animals in a Human World

whenever you travel, you can see animals being walked, herded, fed or _ , sar dogs must be strong, _ , athletic and smart, more importantly, beagles …

Dog Breeds crossword puzzle
Dog Breeds

breed of retriever, sporting, small sheepdog, resembles a collie, herding, sled dog from siberia, working, powerful dog, originally from germany, …

Animal crossword puzzles will help improve your child's vocabulary, knowledge of animals, and problem-solving skills. Print them out and enjoy some quality family time together!

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