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Printable animal crossword puzzles are a great way to learn about different animals. This fun and educational activity is a great way to help your kids learn about different animals. They're also a lot of fun to solve.

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Life Cycle of a Honey Bee crossword puzzle
Life Cycle of a Honey Bee

she lays up to 2000 eggs per day, sweet juice in flowers?, group of bees that live and work together, where do honey bees find nectar and pollen used …

Animals crossword puzzle

A living thing that can move and eat and react to the world through its senses.

Zoo Animals crossword puzzle
Zoo Animals

pink birds that live together in wetlands and rest on one leg, have tails, playful, like fruit, native to the island of madagascar. the ring tails …

Dairy Cattle Terms crossword puzzle
Dairy Cattle Terms

inflammation of the mammary gland in the udder, the time when a cow is pregnant, first drink of milk that the calves take, the dominant protein (80%) …

Animals of the World crossword puzzle
Animals of the World

wildcat with spots, swims in swamps with sharp teeth, flying mammal, runs in a ball, pulls santa's sleigh, friends from the ocean, food and blankets …

Animal Alphabet crossword puzzle
Animal Alphabet

a large reptile found in swamps and rivers, a large mammal known for its strength and hibernation habits, a small domesticated animal that is often …

Animals in the Bible crossword puzzle
Animals in the Bible

most frequently mentioned animal in the bible, white animal in revelation, jesus' parable of the sheep and _ , beware those in sheep's clothing as …

Celebrity Cats crossword puzzle
Celebrity Cats

cat from the aristocats, grinning feline from alice in wonderland, immortal black cat from hocus pocus, cat companion in harry and tonto, talking …

Extreme Animals crossword puzzle
Extreme Animals

have transparent eyelids and never shut their eyes, having a special talent or ability;what makes an animal different or special, communicates with …

Animal Babies crossword puzzle
Animal Babies

Guess what a baby animal is called based on the clues given.

Farm Animals crossword puzzle
Farm Animals

large mammal that people raise for their milk and meat, farm animal that used to carry people from place to another, their hooves are smaller and more …

Mythical Creatures crossword puzzle
Mythical Creatures

small humanoid with beards and pointed hats. often found as statues in gardens, a dog with three heads that guards the underworld, a woman whose hair …

Vertebrates & Invertebrates crossword puzzle
Vertebrates & Invertebrates

breathe using gills, animal with backbones, have bills or beaks, most have shells;bodies in 5 parts, covered in spikes or spines, has hair or fur; …

Big Cats crossword puzzle
Big Cats

where you will find the big cats, a leopards prey, meat eater, fur has stripes, fur has rosettes, long tails provide this, keeps the habitat healthy, …

Birds crossword puzzle

Guess the birds based on the clues given.

Dairy Cattle crossword puzzle
Dairy Cattle

the top of the cow's forehead, dual-purpose breed for beef and dairy, an inflammation of the udder, a mixture of different fatty-acid esters called …

Predators crossword puzzle

Predator is an animal that naturally preys on others; means it lives by killing and eating other animals.

Reptiles crossword puzzle

long, sharp teeth, largest group of turtles, a fierce type of turtle, eats plants and animals, poison, long nose/mouths with sharp teeth, snakes that …

Wild Animals crossword puzzle
Wild Animals

the king of the jungle, a very fast animal, a fish that has got big teeth, a small animal that lives in poland, a big monkey, an animal that lives in …

Safari Animals crossword puzzle
Safari Animals

it has no legs and slithers on the ground. it has a long tongue, it is the king of the jungle and it has a mighty roar, it has a very long neck. it is …

Dog Breeds crossword puzzle
Dog Breeds

breed of retriever, sporting, small sheepdog, resembles a collie, herding, sled dog from siberia, working, powerful dog, originally from germany, …

Horses crossword puzzle

this speed is 4-5mph, a horse aged less than a year, a male horse castrated older than 4yr, a female horse older than 4yrs, horses cant do this, a …

Bird Trivia crossword puzzle
Bird Trivia

group of owls, builds a dome shaped nest, acadian, alder or willow, e.kingbird crown patch, snake bird, boat-tailed or great-tailed, color of common …

Rabbit Habitat crossword puzzle
Rabbit Habitat

one of the habitats a rabbit lives in, one of the habitats a rabbit lives in, a group of burrows are called what?, one of the habitats a rabbit live …

Wolves crossword puzzle

the number of months breeding season lasts, cold, mostly isolated places in europe and asia, a family of wolves, animals that will hunt and kill other …

Animal Terminology Review crossword puzzle
Animal Terminology Review

female horse under 3 years that has not had babies, a male chicken that has been castrated, a male sheep that has been castrated before reaching …

Endangered Species crossword puzzle
Endangered Species

Endangered species is an animal or plant that is seriously at risk of extinction.

Animals Review crossword puzzle
Animals Review

a chain of organisms that eat or are eaten by each other, this type of animal can control its body temperature, an organism that eats other organisms, …

Animal Kingdom crossword puzzle
Animal Kingdom

A basic group of natural objects that includes all living and extinct animals.

Animals of the Bible crossword puzzle
Animals of the Bible

eden tempter, most frequently mentioned animal in the bible, the holy spirit appeared at jesus' baptism as this animal, before the _ crows you will …

Animal crossword puzzles will help improve your child's vocabulary, knowledge of animals, and problem-solving skills. Print them out and enjoy some quality family time together!

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