Animals of the Bible Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: SERPENT : Eden tempter, SHEEP : Most frequently mentioned animal in the Bible, DOVE : The Holy Spirit appeared at Jesus' baptism as this animal, ROOSTER : Before the _____ crows you will disown me 3 times, LOCUSTS : Food of John the Baptist, DEER : As the ____ pants for streams of water...., FISH : Jesus fed 5000 with 2 ____ and 5 loaves of bread, LAMB : ____ of God who takes away the sins of the world, WOLVES : Beware those in sheep's clothing as they are ravenous ______, GOATS : Jesus' parable of the sheep and ____, RAVEN : First bird released by Noah, SPARROWS : You are of more value than many _______, SWINE : ....nor cast your pearls before _____, HORSE : White animal in Revelation, ANT : Insect of Proverbs, CAMEL : Easier for a ____ to go through the eye of a needle