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Make your own crossword puzzles with the Crossword Maker! This easy-to-use tool allows you to provide your own questions and answers list and create custom crosswordes in minutes. You can then download and print them instantly. So get creative and have some fun!



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Crossword Spin is an online puzzle maker that allows you to create crossword puzzles for free! This is perfect for teachers and students or anyone who wants to practice their vocabulary and problem solving skills.

You can create a challenging and fun crossword puzzle within minutes. This super simple, fast, and easy to use online crossword maker will help keep your audience entertained for hours.

Using our online puzzle maker is easy! Just enter in the words and clues that you want, and our software will generate a crossword puzzle for you. You can then print it out or share it with your friends online.

How do you create custom Crossword Puzzles?

It’s easy! Just provide your word list and the Crossword Puzzle Maker will create a puzzle for you.

  • Enter the word to be revealed, add colon(:) as separator and then add your question or clue for that word (word:clue)
  • Choose the clue font size, font family and the puzzle grid size.
  • Select the layout. Some layouts also support images and you can choose the image from the library.
  • Click on the blue “Generate New” button to generate your custom puzzle.
  • If you wish to use pre-made puzzles, just click on the green “download” button.
  • Make sure not to use any personal information if you want your puzzles added to our database.