Vertebrates & Invertebrates - Importance Crossword Puzzle

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  • human : a vertebrate that has authority over all other vertebrates and invertebrates.
  • lobster : an invertebrate that is eaten by humans.
  • worm : helps to aerate the soil.
  • invertebrate : animal with no backbone.
  • bird : a vertebrate that can pollinate a flower.
  • vertebrate : animal with backbones.
  • pig : a vertebrate that produces humans with pork.
  • bees : produce honey for human consumption.
  • crab : an invertebrate that helps to break down organic matter.
  • annelid : also known as worms.
  • arthropod : jointed legs; has more than one body section.
  • starfish : an example of an echinoderm.
  • octopus : an example of a mollusc that has eight arms.
  • raccoon : a vertebrate that helps in the decomposition of dead organic materials.
  • fish : breathe using gills.