Life Cycle of a Honey Bee Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: QUEEN BEE: She lays up to 2000 eggs per day, NECTAR: sweet juice in flowers?, COLONY: Group of bees that live and work together, FLOWERS: Where do honey bees find nectar and pollen used to make honey?, DRONE BEE: Helps the Queen make eggs., PUPA: 3rd stage of life cycle of a honey bee, HIVE: Where do honey bees live inside of ?, BUZZ: sound of a bee, WAGGLE DANCE: Forager helps worker bees find new flowers by doing this., POLLINATION: bees help plants make seeds by this process, HONEY: Nectar and Pollen are used to make _________., EGGs: Queen Bee lays up to 2000 ____ per day, HONEYCOMB: , LARVAE: second stage of life cycle of a honey bee. , WORKER BEE: Guard and protect the Hives., HEXAGON: 6 sided shape, POLLEN: Bees roll this fluffy golden dust into balls and stuffs into sacs on back legs.