Birds Crossword Puzzle

Guess the birds based on the clues given. Download and print this Birds crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.

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  • baldeagle: usa national bird.
  • owl: this bird is a real hoot
  • cardinal: mascot of stl baseball team
  • hummingbird: wingbeat of 53 per second
  • woodpecker: uses its beak as a chisel to find food.
  • canadagoose: up north eh?
  • coopershawk: named after william c. cooper
  • crow: a group of these birds is a murder
  • redtailedhawk: eyes 8 times more powerful than a humans
  • falcon: this predator mates for life
  • penguin: can only be found at the omaha zoo in ne
  • robin: holy _ batman!
  • crane: can reach up to a height of 7 feet with a great long neck
  • raven: edgar allen poe's favorite bird
  • turkey: this bird hides when people give thanks
  • bluebird: this bird has quite the hue
  • turkeyvulture: has the largest smelling system of all birds
  • bluejay: go, creighton!
  • finch: symbol of joy and happiness in some native american tribes
  • sparrow: argh it's captain jack...