Birds and Animals Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: DOG : This animal is a direct descendant of the wolf., EAGLE : This family of birds of prey tend to build their nests in extremely high places., CAT : One of these animals was the mayor of an Alaskan town for 20 years., IGUANA : These lizards are the largest ones native to the Americas., WOLF : This predator is the ancestor of all modern domestic dogs., BEAR : Many of these animals can climb trees faster than they can run., LION : The roar of this feline can be heard 5 miles away., DOLPHIN : This mammal sleeps with half its brain still active and one eye open., ELEPHANT : This animal is unable to jump., CHEETAH : This land mammal can run at speeds nearing 70 miles per hour., TIGER : This striped cat can run 40 miles per hour., ZEBRA : It is theorized that this animal's pattern is evolved to hide in the crowd., GIRAFFE : This mammal has a blue tongue., ALLIGATOR : This powerful family of reptiles never stops growing., CROCODILE : This animal can't stick its tongue out., OWL : Compared to other birds of prey this bird is almost silent in flight., FROG : This amphibian never closes its eyes except when it's eating., LYNX : This cat is named for the Greek term for its glowing eyes., SEAL : These graceful swimmers produce milk with over 50% fat by volume., SWAN : These birds' closest relatives are geese., CAMEL : This animal has three sets of eyelids., HORSE : This animal cannot vomit., OTTER : These little mammals love eating clams, urchins, and mussels., MOUSE : This rodent eats up to 20 times per day., SHEEP : This fluffy animal can recognize people after years of separation.