Animals of the World Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: leopard : wildcat with spots, alligator : swims in swamps with sharp teeth, bat : flying mammal, hamster : runs in a ball, reindeer : pulls santa's sleigh, dolphins : friends from the ocean, buffalo : food and blankets for great plains people, bear : hibernating fat creature, koala : feeds on eucalyptus, chameleon : changes colors by its surroundings, dog : chases rabbits, yak : has a shaggy coat, monkey : swings on trees, fox : white-tipped tail, giraffe : has long and skinny neck, elephant : sprays water from their trunk, turkey : thanksgiving feast, lizard : dragon-like animal, polar bear : known for white fur and lives in the arctic, rabbit : pet that lives in a hutch, owl : wise bird of the trees, mouse : household pest, walrus : has sharp tusks and swims in icy waters, toad : is thought to give warts, panther : black wild cat