Celebrity Cats Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Celebrity Cats crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.

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  • berlioz : cat from the aristocats
  • cheshire : grinning feline from alice in wonderland
  • binx : immortal black cat from hocus pocus
  • tonto : cat companion in harry and tonto
  • jiji : talking black cat from kiki's delivery service
  • hobbes : calvin's stuffed tiger companion in calvin and hobbes
  • felix : classic black and white cartoon cat
  • muezza : islamic prophet muhammad's pet cat
  • azrael : gargamel's feline sidekick in the smurfs
  • mr. mistoffelees : magical feline from the musical cats
  • snowball : the simpsons' family cat
  • simba : protagonist of the lion king
  • sassy : siamese cat from homeward bound
  • jonesy : ripley's cat from the alien film series
  • nala : simba's love interest in the lion king
  • scratchy : cat from the animated series the simpsons' itchy & scratchy show
  • mufasa : king of pride rock in the lion king
  • pussinboots : swashbuckling feline from shrek 2 and his own spin-off movie
  • duchess : mother cat from the aristocats
  • garfield : orange tabby cat known for his love of lasagna
  • grumpycat : internet-famous cat known for her perpetually displeased expression
  • bagheera : black panther from the jungle book
  • luna : talking cat from sailor moon
  • aslan : regal lion from the chronicles of narnia
  • crookshanks : hermione granger's cat in the harry potter series