Extreme Animals Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: SNAKES : Have transparent eyelids and never shut their eyes, EXTREME : Having a special talent or ability;what makes an animal different or special, ANTS : Communicates with each other by sending out special smells, GIRAFFE : Tallest land animal anywhere, EAGLE : Has bones that are very lightweight and it doesn't weigh much even though it is big, LUNGFISH : Can live for 4 years without food or water if it has to, BUTTERFLY : Stands on its food to see if it is something good to eat, HOWLER MONKEY : The sound that this animal makes is so loud that it can be heard up to ten miles away!, CHEETAH : This animal can run 65 miles per hour., CRICKET : Its ears are located on its knees, HIPPOPOTAMUS : Can run 30-40 miles per hour even though it is a huge animal, SNAIL : This animal is the slowest because you could take a nap while it crawls across your shoe., LIZARD : Can grow its tail back, MUD SKIPPER : A fish that can climb a tree, CAMEL : Can close its nose to keep our the blowing desert sand, ELEPHANT : Weighs as much as 2 pickup trucks, QUIETEST : This describes the giraffe because its shy and doesn't even have a voice., ZEBRA : No two animals look alike, BLUE WHALE : The largest mammal ever to inhabit Earth, HUMMINGBIRD : Can hover in one place just like a helicopter, PENGUIN : Its bones weigh too much for it to fly, LOUDEST : The blue whale is this because its cry is as loud as a rocket being launched, CROCODILE : Can hold its breath underwater for an hour, OSTRICH : The fastest land animal on two feet