Dog Breeds Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Labrador : Breed of retriever, sporting., Shetland Sheepdog : Small sheepdog, resembles a collie, herding., Siberian Husky : Sled dog from Siberia, working., Rottweiler : Powerful dog, originally from Germany, working., Irish Setter : Dog with a long red coat, sporting., Welsh Corgi : A cattle herding dog, English, herding., Alaskan Malamute : Sled dog, working., Saint Bernard : Mountain rescue dog, working., Great Dane : Gigantic dog, working., Dachshund : Long- bodied dog, starts with d, hound., Collie : A "lassie" dog, herding., Great Pyrenees : Large heavy-coated white dogs, working., German Shepherd : Large shepherd dog, police dog, herding., Golden Retriever : An English breed having a long silky golden coat, sporting., Akita : Large curly tailed Japanese dog, working.