Health, Pests and Diseases in Poultry Crossword Puzzle

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  • coccidiosis: a disease that affects poultry which causes diarrhea, weight loss and a decrease in production of eggs
  • flies: a pest commonly found around poultry that breeds in moist areas or droppings
  • vaccination: something given to poultry to prevent them from contracting diseases, or seriously suffering from them
  • grit: a type of food for chickens which is important and vital to their health
  • water: a type of liquid vital to all poultry’s survival. all types of poultry need substantial amounts of this
  • calcium: a nutrient all poultry should consume on a daily basis which aids in bone development
  • hygiene: handlers of poultry should maintain this when handling poultry and eggs to keep them healthy
  • coop: most poultry, typically chickens, live in this to keep them safe from predators, harsh weather and diseases
  • vet: handlers should often take their poultry to a type of person to assure their health is adequate
  • mareks: a disease most common in chickens, but can also be found in turkeys, quails etc. in severe cases, it can cause paralysis
  • lice: a pest that causes nits, bald spots and redness on poultry’s skin
  • isolation: infected poultry should be put here to prevent their illness spreading to other poultry
  • insecticide: this should be sprayed to prevent pests from reaching poultry
  • mites: this pest is more difficult to rid of and lives in small crevices. weight loss, feather loss, increased preening and itching are typical symptoms of this pest
  • wings: poultry, specifically chickens, should be held by this body part to prevent panic or injury in the poultry