Vehicles Crossword Puzzles

Vehicles Crossword Puzzles are a great way to learn about all kinds of different vehicles, from cars and trucks to trains and boats. They're also a lot of fun to solve! Simply download and print. You also have the option to edit the puzzles as per your needs.

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Automotive crossword puzzle

Automotive technology refers to the study of self-propelled vehicles or machines.

Trains crossword puzzle

a building where you take a train, you need this to get on the train, someone who rides the train, this kind of train is very fast, this kind of train …

Railway crossword puzzle

move a train to another track, often in a rail yard, for sorting or rearrangement, switch enabling a train to move between tracks, determining its …

Flying crossword puzzle

who made the first working airplane, what mainly makes planes fly, what do you use to fly to space, what flies without an engine, what holds a plane …

Vehicle Driver Safety crossword puzzle
Vehicle Driver Safety

use these to alert others when you are changing direction, used at dusk, dawn and in poor weather, turn on in the cold to clear your view, use when …

Cars crossword puzzle

A car is a wheeled motor vehicle that is used for transportation.

Wheels and Cogs crossword puzzle
Wheels and Cogs

mechanical components with interlocking teeth, what you see on a car's dashboard to measure speed, synonym for "innovative.", circular …

Transportation crossword puzzle

it travels under the road. you can take it to work but you need to buy a ticket first, you pay someone to drive you in this, it has two wheels but no …

Wheels and Tires crossword puzzle
Wheels and Tires

single truck tires designed to replace sets of duals on drive and trailer axles, a tire construction geometry in which the plies are laid either …

Porsche crossword puzzle

Porsche is a German luxury and sports car manufacturer, based in Stuttgart and founded in 1931.

Transport crossword puzzle

very fast on rails, very fast on the road, often used to carry patients to a hospital fast in the air after an accident, carries many holidaymakers …

Tools and Car Vocabulary crossword puzzle
Tools and Car Vocabulary

you open it to see the engine, used to tighten bolts, it can be open-ended, ratcheting, ring.., open it to enter the car, a common tool, used with a …

Airplane Parts Review crossword puzzle
Airplane Parts Review

the rear section of the plane, consisting of horizontal and vertical components, the body of the airplane, the forward part of the plane, where the …

Engine Repair crossword puzzle
Engine Repair

transfers movement from piston and rod to the transmission, this test is used to measure percentage of leak in a cylinder, the diameter of the …

Car Maintenance crossword puzzle
Car Maintenance

it is stupid and dangerous to drive when _ !, a brand of car, poor driving can lead to this, place where cars are repaired, you need this to drive …

Electric Vehicles crossword puzzle
Electric Vehicles

a natural fuel such as coal or gas, formed in the geological past from the remains of living organisms, relating to or affecting the fundamental …

Non-Diesel Fuel Systems crossword puzzle
Non-Diesel Fuel Systems

_ diesel is so often confused with biodiesel, biodiesel readily attract water from atmosphere, giving it a much shorter “shelf life” than …

Vehicle Electrics crossword puzzle
Vehicle Electrics

a thin wire inside a light bulb that emits light when heated, converts ac to dc, a coil of wire that we use as an electromagnet, copper coils, a …

Bicycle crossword puzzle

the seat on a bicycle or motorcycle, the part of a vehicle that changes power into a movement, the mechanism in a bicycle or other vehicle used to …

Auto Insurance crossword puzzle
Auto Insurance

this covers the physical damage to your car from most other causes, such as fire, theft, vandalism, hail, etc, describes the person who did something …

Transportation around the World crossword puzzle
Transportation around the World

a large road vehicle with a lot of seats that you pay to travel on, especially one that takes you fairly short distances and stops frequently, a car …

Boats crossword puzzle

the operating waters that require the most safety equipment, the operating waters in rivers, streams, lakes, the back of the boat, where you steer a …

Belt and Chain Drives crossword puzzle
Belt and Chain Drives

a device for extending a chain so that it has an odd number of links, a tapered wheel used in pairs with a flat belt to create a variable speed drive …

Types of Transportation crossword puzzle
Types of Transportation

_ have 4 wheels and 4 doors, _ have 2 wheels and a seat, _ have many seats, windows but only 2 doors, _ have many seats, many windows and can fly, …

Principles of Flight crossword puzzle
Principles of Flight

the front edge of an airfoil (two words), supports strung diagonally between the struts, the focal point of lift on an airfoil/wing (three words), …

Streets and Roads crossword puzzle
Streets and Roads

a vehicle that takes people to hospital when they are sick or hurt, a path by the side of a road that people walk on, the place where two roads or …

Boater Education - Boating crossword puzzle
Boater Education - Boating

the widest part of a boat, a line (rope, cable or chain) used to control the movable corner(s) (clews) of a sail, the body of a boat, opening in the …

Winter Ready: Car and Body crossword puzzle
Winter Ready: Car and Body

keep a safe amount of this between you and other vehicles, make sure these are working as they will help you to stop, a set of winter tires is better …

Familiar Nautical Terms crossword puzzle
Familiar Nautical Terms

large rope for towing or mooring a ship, small flag used for id, adds weight to a ship for stability, part of an anchor that fastens in the ground, …

Aircraft Structures crossword puzzle
Aircraft Structures

axis, extends lengthwise through the aircraft fuselage from the nose to the tail, secondary flight control, provide increased lift, drag, and wing …