Geology & Earth Science Crossword Puzzles

Test your knowledge about the geology, the scientific study of the Earth's structure, composition, processes, and history including rocks, minerals and how earth is formed. So get your thinking caps on and start solving some geology related crossword puzzles today!

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Earth Science crossword puzzle
Earth Science

most abundant element in the universe, high silica lava, where tectonic plates meet, largest layer of the earth, crust and upper mantle, separating …

Earthquake and Faults crossword puzzle
Earthquake and Faults

_ scale is used to measure the intensity of an earthquake, a device used by the ancient chinese to detect the direction of the earthquake, a person …

Coastal Processes crossword puzzle
Coastal Processes

the wearing away and removal of rock by the sea, where eroded rocks are hurdled against a cliff wearing it away, where eroded rocks hit against each …

Rock and Minerals crossword puzzle
Rock and Minerals

the process in which sediment or particles get moved away and broken down, what is formed by deposition, what is a rock that transform by heat or …

Foundations of Geology crossword puzzle
Foundations of Geology

a vein of igneous rock that runs perpendicular to the strata, usually a combination of two or more minerals, a surface of erosion that separates one …

Earths Cycles crossword puzzle
Earth's Cycles

exchange of oxygen between other systems found on earth, explains how water is transformed and transported across the globe, exchange of nitrogen …

Rocks and Soil crossword puzzle
Rocks and Soil

the rock formation that is the source of mineral fragments in the soil, any process that breaks rock down into smaller pieces without changing the …

Engineering Geology crossword puzzle
Engineering Geology

infrastructure builder or designer, who studies earth, a feature's linear direction, a feature's slope, a rock type coming from latin …

Geology is Fun crossword puzzle
Geology is Fun

what is under the earth that keeps the ground together, gases surrounding the earth is called, the layer under mountains and oceans, the layer below …

Earth and Materials crossword puzzle
Earth and Materials

part of the earth that we walk on, specific type of rock that form by smaller bits of other rocks get stuck together, a type of rock that absorbs …

Tectonic Hazards Revision crossword puzzle
Tectonic Hazards Revision

type of volcano with steep sides and more violent eruption, any opening at the earth's surface through which magma erupts or volcanic gases are …

Tectonic Plates crossword puzzle
Tectonic Plates

a vibration that travels through earth carrying the energy released during an earthquake, the slow moving-moving lava that hardens to form rough …

Volcanoes and Earthquakes crossword puzzle
Volcanoes and Earthquakes

a boundary where two plates move away from each other, a volcano that is unlikely to erupt ever again, lava that is low in viscosity and high in …

Earth Science - Ecosystems crossword puzzle
Earth Science - Ecosystems

each step in the transfer of energy and matter within a food web, an organism that cannot make its own food, must always be recycled in the ecosystem, …

Rocks crossword puzzle

what igneous rock is great for climbing?, what type of sedimentary rock forms under water?, metamorphic rocks that are made of thin layers of minerals …

Rock Cycle crossword puzzle
Rock Cycle

the process of eroding by wind, what is formed by deposition, what is a rock that transform by heat or pressure, what are the metamorphic process, …

Rocks and Rock Cycle crossword puzzle
Rocks and Rock Cycle

grains require a magnifying glass to see, wearing away or breaking down of rocks by wind, water, sand and chemicals, type of igneous rock formed …

Continental Drift crossword puzzle
Continental Drift

250 _ : alfred wegener hypothesized that pangaea began to break apart about how many years ago?, the process that creates new sea floor as plates move …

Plate Tectonics crossword puzzle
Plate Tectonics

_ convection - what is the slow creeping motion of earth's solid silicate mantle caused by convection currents carrying heat from the interior of the …

Science Rocks! crossword puzzle
Science Rocks!

volcanic rock, dark, looks shiny, volcanic rock, very dusty, has some layers, made from different materials, has many colors morphed together, often …

The Earths Layers and The Rock Cycle crossword puzzle
The Earths Layers and The Rock Cycle

a inorganic substance that has a fairly constant chemical composition, sedimentary rocks are formed through w.e.d. compaction, and, the upper layer of …

Geological Time Scale crossword puzzle
Geological Time Scale

dinosaurs died out, the longest unit of time of the geological time scale is the, an event or a time marked by an event that begins a new period or …

Mother Earth crossword puzzle
Mother Earth

the sea that surrounds the north pole, lying within the arctic circle, the second-largest ocean in the world, the ocean to the south of india, the …

Volcanoes crossword puzzle

an _ , or dead volcano is a volcano that is unlikely to ever erupt again, volcanic _ can be quiet or explosive, _ is a material found in magma that …

Earthquakes crossword puzzle

An earthquake is the shaking of the surface of the Earth resulting from a sudden release of energy in the Earth's lithosphere that creates seismic waves.

Geological Time crossword puzzle
Geological Time

one of the units of geologic time into which geologist divide eras, known as the "age of reptiles", invertebrate with shell during cambian …

The Rock Cycle crossword puzzle
The Rock Cycle

the process of moving the broken pieces of rock, type of rock formed by heat and pressure, type of rock formed from sediment, or broken-down rocks, …

Water Safety and Drowning Prevention crossword puzzle
Water Safety and Drowning Prevention

teach children to always ask before going near any water (source: american red cross), enclosing pools with fencing, supervising children when around …

Landforms crossword puzzle

a large underground chamber formed when rainwater follows the cracks in a rock and begins to dissolve the rock, a type of valley formed by a glacier …

Mining crossword puzzle

hard, precious gem often mined from deep within the earth, valuable metal often extracted alongside other minerals, large hole dug for mining or …

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