Rocks Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: granite : what igneous rock is great for climbing?, limestone : what type of sedimentary rock forms under water?, slate : metamorphic rocks that are made of thin layers of minerals are called _ , heat : what helps make metamorphic rock other than soil?, extrusive : igneous rocks that cool on the outside of the earth are called _ , magma : igneous rocks that are formed underground are made from _ , crust : all rocks form under the _ , conglomerate : what sedimentary rock is held together by different types of rock?, pumice : what igneous rock has lots of holes in it?, igneous : rocks that are formed by lava or magma are called _ , minerals : all rocks have two or more _ , lava : extrusive rocks are made by what substance?, intrusive : igneous rocks that cool inside the earth are called _ , obsidian : what igneous rock has no crystals, is smooth, and is smooth?, layers : sedimentary rocks have lots of _ , waves : rocks are turned into sand by ocean _ , gneiss : what metamorphic rock is made of minerals pressed together?, metamorphic : what rock is made when rocks squeeze together by heat and other rocks?, igneous : rocks made from lava or magma are _ rocks, sandstone : what rock is made from sand layers are pushed together?