Science: Geology Crossword Puzzle

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  • glaciers : slow moving forms of ice
  • hemisphere : the area between the equator and a pole
  • topsoil : the upper layer of soil
  • magma : hot, liquid rock
  • delta : a deposit of sand and soil at the mouth of a river
  • core : the center of the earth; is made of hot iron and nickel
  • equator : an imaginary line that runs around the middle of the earth
  • orbit : the pathway of the earth
  • rotation : the spinning motion of the earth
  • erosion : the wearing away of earth's topsoil
  • sphere : round like a ball
  • gem : rare costly minerals
  • asia : the largest continent
  • geologist : a scientist who studies the earth
  • crust : the top layer of the earth's surface
  • europe : includes the countries of france, italy, and germany
  • conservation : using nature's resources wisely
  • pacific : the largest ocean
  • slate : similar to shale but harder
  • revolves : the movement of the earth around the sun
  • arctic : smallest and coldest ocean
  • axis : an imaginary line that runs north to south through the center of the earth.
  • sediment : soil and sand
  • sediment : matter that settles at the bottom of rivers and oceans