Volcanoes and Earthquakes Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Diverging: A boundary where two plates move away from each other, Extinct: A volcano that is unlikely to erupt ever again, Pahoehoe: Lava that is low in viscosity and high in temperature, Shearing: Stress that pushes a mass of rock in two opposite directions, Volcano: A weak spot in the Earth's Crust that allows magma to reach Earth's surface, Tension: Stress that pulls apart, Lava: Magma that has reached Earth's surface, Viscosity: The resistance of a liquid to flow, Focus: The area beneath Earth's surface where rock that is under stress breaks and triggers an earthquake, Richter: The scale that measures an earthquake's magnitude, Converging: A boundary where two plates are moving toward each other, Aftershock: An earthquake that occurs after a larger earthquake in the same area