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Do you love to travel? Like adventures? Go places and learn all about the new ones? If you said yes to any of these, you need to try these Cities and Place Crossword Puzzles. You will find crosswords about some of the world's most amazing cities and places. From Paris to Rome to New York City, famous US cities and monuments, you will find some fun puzzles in this collection. Let's test your knowledge and see how much you have already explored and how much you need to explore more! Download and print these puzzles to play offline!

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Seven Wonders of the World crossword puzzle
Seven Wonders of the World

china one of the seven wonders of the world which is approximately, bulit on the orders of shah jahan the fifth muslim emperor to honor the memory of …

Expedition Canada crossword puzzle
Expedition Canada

south of the canadian shield in ontario and quebec – smallest landform region in canada, along the western edge of canada, covering most of yukon …

Canadian Provinces and Territories crossword puzzle
Canadian Provinces and Territories

the province with the largest population, canada's westernmost province, this province's name comes from the cree word, "kisiskatchewani …

Places in the City crossword puzzle
Places in the City

you can see lots of animals here, you can get on a plane here, you can buy groceries here, you can see a movie here, you can borrow a book here, you …

Hawaii crossword puzzle

hawaiian word for turtle, giving of yourself to help others, hawaiian name for tuna, hawaiian word for thank you, the friendly isle, state bird, …

Latin America crossword puzzle
Latin America

located on chile within the andes mountains, region of latin america made of small and large islands; such as, cuba, jamaica, haiti, puerto rico, etc, …

Australia crossword puzzle

horizontal waterfalls, national australia day, 90% of australians live here, animal known to hop around and fight, the smallest fish in the great …

Spanish Speaking Countries crossword puzzle
Spanish Speaking Countries

the galápagos islands belong to this country, home to the mayan population, birthplace of the tango, the smallest country in central america, the …

Washington State crossword puzzle
Washington State

opened in 1907, and where employees throw three-foot salmon and other fish to each other rather than passing them by hand, smallest city in size to …

Famous World Capitals crossword puzzle
Famous World Capitals

this european capital, known for its historic architecture and the eiffel tower, is often called the "city of love.", located on the banks …

Capital Cities of the World crossword puzzle
Capital Cities of the World

austria, france, mexico, india, costa rica, iraq, cuba, italy, south korea, argentina, russia, sweden, peru, australia, cambodia, united arab …

The Great Wall of China crossword puzzle
The Great Wall of China

all together it is about 13,000 mi. in length - almost 1/2 the length of the earth's _ , the gw extends to the border of north _ , contrary to popular …

U.S States crossword puzzle
U.S States

this state is home to many celebrity/well-known surfers, including bethany hamilton, home to tom felton and hollywood, turns out the most country …

Names of Places crossword puzzle
Names of Places

where stamps are sold, where films are shown, where calves sleep at night, where bread and cake are made, where cases are heard by the magistrate, …

Alaska crossword puzzle

nickname of alaska, capital city, borders to the east of alaska, climate of alaska, amount of money paid per acre by the united states, name of the …

Hawaii & Alaska crossword puzzle
Hawaii & Alaska

one reason for purchasing alaska was to maintain the friendship of _ , planters thought that a coup would lead to the removal of _ on their sugar, the …

Africa Review crossword puzzle
Africa Review

main religion of northern africa, committed to having quality international health. (abbreviation), a meeting among european nations to create the …

Community Places crossword puzzle
Community Places

where can you get cash?, where does a mail carrier work?, a place where you can get your hair cut and colored, where does a firefighter work?, where …

Places in Town crossword puzzle
Places in Town

you can see many paintings there, you can buy food there, you can catch a train there, you go there to report a crime, a place where you go when you …

Antarctica crossword puzzle

fatty tissue sea mammals possess to keep warm, for example, creating the antarctic treaty to protect the arctic environment and biodiversity, arctic …

European Countries crossword puzzle
European Countries

a land with solid precipitation in it's name, this country's name means "low countries", world's oldest & smallest republic, has the …

Africas Countries & Environmental Issues crossword puzzle
Africa's Countries & Environmental Issues

large country in central africa, rich in natural resources, country located along red sea and mediterranean coast, country on eastern coast known for …

Structures crossword puzzle

_ tower is 1776 feet high, this building is in the new york skyline, the great wall is in this country, this city has the famous space needle, he is …

World Languages crossword puzzle
World Languages

official language of sudan and canada, official language of austria, official language of serbia, official language of bolivia, official language of …

Countries Flags crossword puzzle
Countries Flags

has five stars and is red and yellow, a red cross in the middle and a white backround, red and white stipes with in the corner, green backround a blue …

European Union crossword puzzle
European Union

term used for the uk’s withdrawal from the eu, a zone of free movement for people and businesses without border checks, this state joined the eu in …

South America crossword puzzle
South America

what is the name of the highest waterfall in located south america?, what famous waterfall is located in the tri-border area consisting of argentina, …

Australias Tourism crossword puzzle
Australia's Tourism

to wander the countryside, take one of the great rail journeys of the world from adelaide in sa to darwin via alice springs in the nt, an artistic, …

The Middle East crossword puzzle
The Middle East

the earth's earliest people lived here (2 words), one of the rivers known from the earliest of times, the land between the rivers, what was one of the …

Spain crossword puzzle

the capital of spain, currency of this country, official language of the country, a cleaning tool, invented by spain, used to clean floors, the flag …

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