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Do you love to travel? Like adventures? Go places and learn all about the new ones? If you said yes to any of these, you need to try these Cities and Place Crossword Puzzles. You will find crosswords about some of the world's most amazing cities and places. From Paris to Rome to New York City, famous US cities and monuments, you will find some fun puzzles in this collection. Let's test your knowledge and see how much you have already explored and how much you need to explore more! Download and print these puzzles to play offline!

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Places in the City crossword puzzle
Places in the City

you can see lots of animals here, you can get on a plane here, you can buy groceries here, you can see a movie here, you can borrow a book here, you …

United Kingdom crossword puzzle
United Kingdom

uk is made up of four..., weather in uk is...., the english ..... separates great britain and france, ...... is england's capital, english ....... is …

Israel crossword puzzle

the name of israeli parliament, currency used in israel, this part of the western wall is known as this, communal settlement in israel, first female …

MEXICO crossword puzzle

popular type of mexican food, types of pyramids found in mexico, mexico city is doing this because its built on a lake, capital of mexico, type of …

Countries and Landmarks crossword puzzle
Countries and Landmarks

largest country in the world, spans two continents, in italy they use _ to make wine, country that the us gained independence from, european country …

Places in Town crossword puzzle
Places in Town

you can see many paintings there, you can buy food there, you can catch a train there, you go there to report a crime, a place where you go when you …

Cities of UK crossword puzzle
Cities of UK

home to the map-a-mundi and that's no bull, home to the other side, home of the uk's oil industry, in the past, a centre for lace making, the main …

Japanese Gardens crossword puzzle
Japanese Gardens

a temple in japan, with the most famous rock garden, the spirits or phenomenon that are worshiped in the religion of shinto, a japanese rock garden …

Pyramids crossword puzzle

most pyramidions have been lost over time, but there are a few surviving examples in museums. these specimens reveal that pyramidions were carved with …

European Union crossword puzzle
European Union

term used for the uk’s withdrawal from the eu, a zone of free movement for people and businesses without border checks, this state joined the eu in …

Flags of the World crossword puzzle
Flags of the World

our flag is scary, ziggy zaggy, tropical devil, it was either this or a unicorn, primary colors, red, white and blue, but definitely not usa, not …

North America crossword puzzle
North America

industrially produced sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere that combine with precipitation to damage forests, poison lakes, and kill …

USA State Capitals crossword puzzle
USA State Capitals

capital of the sunshine state, davy crockett born 231 miles east of this capital, named after a great plains indian tribe, home of the california …

Spanish Speaking Countries crossword puzzle
Spanish Speaking Countries

the galápagos islands belong to this country, home to the mayan population, birthplace of the tango, the smallest country in central america, the …

Hawaii crossword puzzle

hawaiian word for turtle, giving of yourself to help others, hawaiian name for tuna, hawaiian word for thank you, the friendly isle, state bird, …

Florida crossword puzzle

florida's state flower is the _ , the _ is the 1st largest river in florida, florida is located in the _ region, florida is the _ most popular state, …

Place and Liveability crossword puzzle
Place and Liveability

positive aspects of a place; reasons that attract people to come and live in a place, a region in which people live together in a community, specific …

Seven Wonders of the World crossword puzzle
Seven Wonders of the World

china one of the seven wonders of the world which is approximately, bulit on the orders of shah jahan the fifth muslim emperor to honor the memory of …

Capital Cities of the World crossword puzzle
Capital Cities of the World

austria, france, mexico, india, costa rica, iraq, cuba, italy, south korea, argentina, russia, sweden, peru, australia, cambodia, united arab …

Malaysia crossword puzzle

what is the name of malaysia's flag, the biggest country in malaysia, capital of selangor, how many festival that been celebrate in malaysia?, kek …

Cross the Land, New Zealand! crossword puzzle
Cross the Land, New Zealand!

most populated city in nz, livestock animal that outnumbers the people in nz, national bird of nz, the national sport of nz, consider treasure in …

Bridges crossword puzzle

what do architects like steel?, nickname of the people who emptied caissons by hand?, what are other important forces that an architect has to worry …

O Canada crossword puzzle
O Canada

canada’s head of government, in this type of democracy, the leader works independently of the legislature, when a country in no longer controlled by …

Australias Tourism crossword puzzle
Australia's Tourism

to wander the countryside, take one of the great rail journeys of the world from adelaide in sa to darwin via alice springs in the nt, an artistic, …

Canadian Provinces and Territories crossword puzzle
Canadian Provinces and Territories

the province with the largest population, canada's westernmost province, this province's name comes from the cree word, "kisiskatchewani …

Hispanic Countries & Capitals crossword puzzle
Hispanic Countries & Capitals

the capital of colombia, the capitals of bolivia, the capital of guatemala, the capital of panama, the capital of paraguay, the capital of el …

Delaware crossword puzzle

the town of _ was named after the english poet john _ in 1807, today about 500 descendants of the original _ indians reside in delaware, in 1812 _ …

Community Places crossword puzzle
Community Places

where can you get cash?, where does a mail carrier work?, a place where you can get your hair cut and colored, where does a firefighter work?, where …

The Far East China crossword puzzle
The Far East China

besides shang ti an example of gods worshiped by chinese, the second longest river in china, trade routed fro china to europe & asia, another …

European Countries crossword puzzle
European Countries

a land with solid precipitation in it's name, this country's name means "low countries", world's oldest & smallest republic, has the …

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