Travel & Tourism Crossword Puzzles

Travel crossword puzzles are a great way to keep your mind sharp and entertained while you're on vacation. We've created puzzles about all sorts of different destinations, so you can find the perfect one for your next trip. So whether you're a beginner or an experienced traveler, we have something perfect for you!

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Hospitality crossword puzzle

food list, a person employed in a hotel to receive guests and deal with their bookings, tip, a place to stay with lots of rooms, what you need to pay …

Traveling crossword puzzle

to go to a place and especially one that is far away, the bags and suitcases that a person carries when traveling, to stop doing or planning to do …

HOLIDAYS AND TRAVELS crossword puzzle

a document you need when you go to another country, a place in a hotel where people go when they arrive, a building where you can look at historical …

Winter Ready: Car and Body crossword puzzle
Winter Ready: Car and Body

keep a safe amount of this between you and other vehicles, make sure these are working as they will help you to stop, a set of winter tires is better …

International Travel crossword puzzle
International Travel

the person who visits another place for fun, different places have different forms on money that is valid in their country, an official document that …

Travel Destinations crossword puzzle
Travel Destinations

think boot, eastern caribbean island, not as cold as the name implies, locals speak a version of english; the original form, spanish language and …

Titanic crossword puzzle

many people thought it was, but on its first voyage it sank, 3500 bags of _ were lost, the iceberg was 100 _ tall, the company that made the titanic, …

Railway crossword puzzle

move a train to another track, often in a rail yard, for sorting or rearrangement, switch enabling a train to move between tracks, determining its …

Travelling Vocabulary crossword puzzle
Travelling Vocabulary

an act of travelling from one place to another, to travel to another country, to visit the places of interest in a city, etc. as a tourist, the money …

Travel and Tourism crossword puzzle
Travel and Tourism

temporary short-term movement of people to destinations away from their normal residence, within a person's home country, to cross one or more …

Tourism crossword puzzle

Tourism is travel for pleasure or business.

Tourist Attractions crossword puzzle
Tourist Attractions

a structure with walls and roof, such as a house or factory, to give protection to people, animals, or things, a large house that is the official home …

Flying crossword puzzle

who made the first working airplane, what mainly makes planes fly, what do you use to fly to space, what flies without an engine, what holds a plane …

Camping crossword puzzle

you find direction with this object, you can catch fish with this, you can easily cross river with this, you wear this on your head, you can create …

Trains crossword puzzle

a building where you take a train, you need this to get on the train, someone who rides the train, this kind of train is very fast, this kind of train …

At the Beach crossword puzzle
At the Beach

a trip away from home, a garment worn for swimming, a sea creature that move sideways or obliquely, allows you to breathe underwater, a sea creature …

Airline crossword puzzle

connection in london, _ we stand, market leader in india, flies to northwest usa, low cost airline flying to florida, flight to mars, connection in …

Types of Holidays crossword puzzle
Types of Holidays

travelling with a tent or by a camper, holidays spent at the seaside, mostly on sunbathing and swimming, holidays that involve a lot of walking, often …

Signs of Summer crossword puzzle
Signs of Summer

a cream or lotion rubbed onto the skin to protect it from the sun, glasses tinted to protect the eyes from sunlight, a soft, sweet frozen food made …

Australias Tourism crossword puzzle
Australia's Tourism

to wander the countryside, take one of the great rail journeys of the world from adelaide in sa to darwin via alice springs in the nt, an artistic, …

Florida Keys crossword puzzle
Florida Keys

how we will view fish under the sea, name of tram, place no other oakhill group has gone, method to collect sea samples, place we will visit, one of …

Summer Bash crossword puzzle
Summer Bash

underwater activity, bites you all summer at night mostly, what you wear to see in the sun, hottest season of the year, campfire treat, where you are …

Transcontinental Railroad crossword puzzle
Transcontinental Railroad

there are not a lot of _ on the great plains, means "across", how did the country find out that the railroad companies were …

Canada crossword puzzle

Canada is a country in North America.

Travelling to Bangkok crossword puzzle
Travelling to Bangkok

a road that you might see in the film the beach, a place where local thai people go, a place to go for shopping and bars, a street to go for chinese …

Places to Visit in Greece crossword puzzle
Places to Visit in Greece

the _ monument is an ancient greek mausoleum and monument dedicated to gaius julius antiochus epiphanes philopappos, _ square, is the central square …

Machu Picchu crossword puzzle
Machu Picchu

other theories on its purpose include: a prison, a trading destination, a retreat for women and a place for _ new crops, it features stones used in …