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  • passport: a document you need when you go to another country
  • reception: a place in a hotel where people go when they arrive
  • museum: a building where you can look at historical or artistic objects
  • sunbathe: to sit or lie in the sun so that your skin becomes brown
  • trip: a journey when you visit a place just for a short time
  • tourist: someone who visits a place for pleasure but does not live there
  • suitcase: a container to carry your clothing when traveling
  • vacation: a period of time someone spends away from home in order to relax or travel
  • coach: a comfortable singe-decker bus used to take a group of people on trips
  • platform: people wait for their train here
  • ticket: you must buy this before you travel on a train
  • flight: a journey on a plane
  • arrive: to reach a place at the end of a journey
  • depart: the act of leaving a place to start a journey
  • buffet: a meal where people serve themselves different types of food
  • reservation: to arrange to have something kept for you
  • sub way: a railway system in which electric trains travel through tunnels underground
  • swimsuit: a piece of cloth that you wear for swimming
  • tip: to give someone an extra amount of money to thank them for the service they provided
  • island: a piece of land completely surrounded by water
  • aeroplane: a flying vehicle with wings
  • pool: a body of water to swim in
  • tour: a visit to a place or area especially to look around or learn something.