Travelling Vocabulary Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: JOURNEY: An act of travelling from one place to another., GO ABROAD: To travel to another country., SIGHTSEEING: To visit the places of interest in a city, etc. as a tourist., FARE: The money you pay for a journey by bus, train or taxi., CHECK OUT: To leave a hotel at the end of your stay., TRAVELLER: A person who is travelling or who often travels., BOOK: When you arrange to buy a ticket in advance, you..., CRUISE: To travel by boat, visiting a number of places, as a holiday., TOUR: A journey that you make for pleasure during which you visit many places or a short visit round a famous building, city, etc., EXPLORE: To travel around a place in order to learn about it., PASSENGER: A person who travels in a bus, train, aeroplane, etc. but who does not drive or work on it., CHECK IN: To go to a hotel, airline, etc. desk and say you have arrived., CURRENCY: The money of a foreign country., ITINERARY: A plan of a journey, route, etc., DESTINATION: The place where you are going., EXCURSION: An organized trip with a group of people., TICKET: A piece of paper that shows you have paid for a journey., TRIP: A journey during which you visit a place and return., PASSPORT: An official document that shows who you are and which you sometimes have to show when you enter or leave a country., SINGLE: A ticket to travel to a place but not back again., RETURN: A ticket to travel to a place and back again.