Travel and Tourism Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Tourism : Temporary short-term movement of people to destinations away from their normal residence, Domestic : Within a person's home country, International : To cross one or more national border's, Inbound : Traveling toward a particular place, especially when returning to the original point of departure, Outbound : Traveling away from a particular place, especially on the first leg of a return journey, Mass : Form of tourism that involves large numbers of tourist coming to one destination, Specialized : Tourism that involves individual or group tours by specific interest, Independent : Traveler organizes and books transport and accommodations from separate sources, Packaged : The simultaneous sale of at least two elements of a vacation such as flights and a hotel, Culture : The way of life of a group of people including behaviors, beliefs, values and symbols, Tradition : Long-established customs that people from different cultures continue to practice, Festival : A period of celebration, Destination : Geographical area with of all the services and infrastructure necessary to support tourism, Resort : A place that is a popular destination for vacations or recreation, Integrated : Resort that includes a hotel, casino, convention center, theme parks, retail and fine dining, Urban : High population density-mainly large towns and cities, Rural : Less densely populated areas-more remote also known as countryside destinations, Coastal : Towns and villages that are located on the coast, Dark : Trips to locations of former conflict such as battlefields or concentration camps, Slum : Excursions to informal settlements and impoverished areas, Film : Destinations popular due their appearances in films and television, Natural : Attractions such as lakes, beaches, forests, Built : Attractions such as theme parks, zoos, art galleries, and museums