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Sports Crosswords Puzzle is perfect for sports lovers! This puzzle is filled with fun and challenging questions about your favorite sports teams and players. Whether you are a fan of football, basketball, baseball, or any other sport, this puzzle is sure to test your knowledge.

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Olympic crossword puzzle

the five _ symbolize the continents, a large event held at the beginning to kick off the olympic games, a sport in which you run around a circle, _ is …

Sports Vocabulary crossword puzzle
Sports Vocabulary

a referee blows this object to stop a sports match or game, a type of clothes that you wear to keep your body warm in the ocean, a winter sport that …

Ice Hockey crossword puzzle
Ice Hockey

when a team is shorthanded, the other team is on a _ , when an attacking player has only the goalie to beat, very powerful hit, score!, a hat trick is …

Basketball IQ crossword puzzle
Basketball IQ

an illegal personal contact resulting from a defender not establishing his position in time to prevent the opponent's drive to the basket, violent …

Basketball crossword puzzle

Basketball is a game played between two teams of five players each on a rectangular court, usually indoors.

Football Quiz 2024 crossword puzzle
Football Quiz 2024

teams sponsored by adidas in copa america 2024, club with the highest number of matches played in the history of ucl, name of the euro 2024 mascot, …

Basketball Vocabulary crossword puzzle
Basketball Vocabulary

holding the ball, stepping with one foot while the other foot stays on one spot, dribble,jump,catch, and land on both feet all in one motion, shot in …

Football Vocabulary crossword puzzle
Football Vocabulary

where we can walk over rivers without getting wet, players that defend the goal but cannot take the ball with their hands, player that leads the team, …

Sports crossword puzzle

A human activity involving physical exertion and skill as the primary focus of the activity.

Rodeo crossword puzzle

wild or half tamed horse, a person in charge of horses or other livestock, a rope used as a lasso, a contest which cowboys show there skills, flat, …

Sailing Terms crossword puzzle
Sailing Terms

left side of a boat when facing towards the stern, left side of a boat when facing towards the bow, direction from which the wind is coming, sailing …

Highest Paid Athletes in the World crossword puzzle
Highest Paid Athletes in the World

tied with brees for most endorsement deals. over a dozen, endorses rolex and is on the wheaties box, boxings biggest pay per view star, 3rd highest …

NFL Teams crossword puzzle
NFL Teams

new york, philadelphia, atlanta, seattle, los angeles, new england, cleveland, detroit, chicago, houston, los angeles, indianapolis, carolina, …

Baseball crossword puzzle

an easy catch, position in the grass, a pitch that curves, a ball hit into the air, the position player behind the plate, 3 balls and 2 strikes, a …

Soccer Vocabulary crossword puzzle
Soccer Vocabulary

a football competition that happens every four years between teams from many countries, to take a player off the field and put another one on in their …

Chess Terms crossword puzzle
Chess Terms

a situation where a piece cannot move without exposing a more valuable piece behind it to capture, a line of squares that runs at an angle, where …

Basketball Rules crossword puzzle
Basketball Rules

a type of foul that results in a team's loss of possession, the act of illegally making physical contact with an opponent, a field goal attempt that …

Football crossword puzzle

what the football is made of, when you throw the ball down, a kick on fourth down, the huge place where the game is played, you don't have the ball, …

Softball crossword puzzle

ball that lands inside of the two foul lines, number of players on the field in a slow pitch softball game, when a batter swings and misses the ball, …

Lacrosse crossword puzzle

the circle around the goal. it is the goalie's area, the are in the middle of the lacrosse field. it is between the attack zone and the defensive …

Types of Sports crossword puzzle
Types of Sports

sport where two teams of eleven players attempt to score goals by kicking a ball into the opposing team's goal?, a sport played on a field with goals, …

World Cup crossword puzzle
World Cup

world cup 2022 organization, which country host 2022 world cup, the sport playing in the world cup, argentine professional footballer who plays as a …

Soccer crossword puzzle

who monitors the game?, teams wear matching?, each half starts with a?, when you kick the ball to a teammate it is called a?, when you get kicked out …

Volleyball crossword puzzle

the action that starts every match, the type of pass that is used when the ball is overhead or when passing to a hitter, the part of your hand that is …

Netball crossword puzzle

being able to play a match for a long time takes?, a game with 7 female players, the area where netball is played on, being able to bend in any way …

Floor Hockey crossword puzzle
Floor Hockey

this is where you score, any player can hold the puck & throw it, equipment used, can players advance the puck with their feet?, this could result …

Paralympic Games crossword puzzle
Paralympic Games

a physical or mental impairment that blocks that prevents a person from doing certain tasks, a person who has lost all or part of an arm, hand, leg …

Fundamentals of Games and Sports crossword puzzle
Fundamentals of Games and Sports

a race that is performed by teams of four members each, it is also known as track and field, an event in athletics which is grouped into throwing and …

Sport Verbs crossword puzzle
Sport Verbs

do this to a football, do this to get a ball in your hands, do this with your hands to pass a ball to another player, do this in basketball to move …

Nutrition for Athletes crossword puzzle
Nutrition for Athletes

application of knowing when to eat is just as important as what you eat. drinking chocolate milk after a workout, it is recommended athletes eat every …