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Looking for a crossword puzzle that comes with fun and stylish words? Check out our beauty and fashion crossword puzzles. These puzzles include words related to different types of beauty and fashion. From hairstyles and makeup to clothing and accessories. Download and see how many beauty and fashion-related words or answers you can find based on the clues given.

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Hair Removal crossword puzzle
Hair Removal

applied to the skin then removed using fabric strip, how many types of temporary hair removal, this does not require fabric strips and is thicker than …

Hair Removal Theory crossword puzzle
Hair Removal Theory

process of removing hair from the follicle, removal of hair at or near skin level, fast, affordable service, repeated at regular intervals, perform …

Hair Cutting crossword puzzle
Hair Cutting

hair cutting technique using diagonal lines by cutting hair ends with a slight increase or decrease in length, bone that protrudes the base of the …

Fashion crossword puzzle

template from which the parts of a garment are put on fabric before being cut out of assembled, twisted filaments of fiber of any kind used for …

Things to Wear crossword puzzle
Things to Wear

a piece of clothing that hangs from the waist and covers part or all of the legs, a set of clothes that usually consists of a jacket and trousers or a …

Shampoo & Conditioner Review crossword puzzle
Shampoo & Conditioner Review

how many numbers on a ph scale, what does ph stand for?, what is the ph of eyes?, what is considered a universal solvent?, the technical term for …

Fashion Terminology crossword puzzle
Fashion Terminology

items are the very latest or newest fashions, temporary, passing fashion, the display of the current popular style of objects or activities, refers to …

Style and Fashion crossword puzzle
Style and Fashion

having little or no hair on the head, having a lot of curls or a curved shape, not in a curve or at an angle; in a straight line, loose, soft shoes …

Hair and Skin Conditions crossword puzzle
Hair and Skin Conditions

the hair shaft is missing areas of cuticle, hair is dry and loses moisture, three different types of this condition exist. the melanin production is …

Jewelry Designing crossword puzzle
Jewelry Designing

the top half of a gem, place two metals (gold, platinum, or silver > at appropriate positions on the side of the gem to support the gem, with metal …

Textile Fibers crossword puzzle
Textile Fibers

fibers from natural resources, plants and animals, spun from insects, ability to pull moisture away from the body, short fibers, fibers created from …

Renaissance Clothing crossword puzzle
Renaissance Clothing

pants without pockets, decoration to wear on back, a tight fitting vest, decorative shorts for women, loose cap with floppy top, a shirt buttoning all …

Hair Additions crossword puzzle
Hair Additions

method of attaching hair extensions in which hair wefts or single strands are attached with an adhesive or bonding agent, _ and sew method : …

Esthetics crossword puzzle

this skin type is easily irritated by products or by exposure to heat or sun, this occurs when you have a lack of water, most common skin type in …

Shampoo Types crossword puzzle
Shampoo Types

everyday shampoo, to be used on most coats, sensitive shampoo made with younger dogs in mind, good for dogs with sore, itchy skin, like veterinary …

Work in Spa crossword puzzle
Work in Spa

caused by release of toxins, may accompany nausea, _ therapy, uses alternating hot and cold water, to match clients needs, removal of complete removal …

Reading Explorer crossword puzzle
Reading Explorer

if your teacher is sick, you might have _ teacher teach the class, after a long exercise, you might feel _ , when you eat food, you _ it, if you are _ …

Hairdressing crossword puzzle

a tool used to cut hair very short, another word for hair cut, to de-tangle, a way of adding different lengths, a hot tool for curling, measures 2.54 …

Fabrics crossword puzzle

what weave is very weak, the simplest weave in which the weft crosswise yarns in the passed over the under each wrap, is made on a loom, example of …

Embroidery Stitches crossword puzzle
Embroidery Stitches

a kind of filling stitch which is ideal for making leaves or feathers. it requires us to divide the pattern into two and each side is filled …

African American Hairstyles crossword puzzle
African American Hairstyles

founder of g.a. morgan hair refining company, where slaves first arrived, one of which was used for hair conditioners to softer the hair, rapper that …

Terms in Textiles Clothing Fashion crossword puzzle
Terms in Textiles Clothing Fashion

fine strands that can be twisted into yarn, very small fibres that are less than one denier thick, fibre made by chemically changing natural materials …

Clothes. Styles, Patterns crossword puzzle
Clothes. Styles, Patterns

it helps to keep your trousers on, you wear these on your feet, long warm clothing for autumn or spring, women carry your stuff in it, a sweater with …

Texturizing, Razors, and Mens Cutting crossword puzzle
Texturizing, Razors, and Men's Cutting

a texturing technique that removes weight and adds movement, also known as slithering, these type of shears are also called blending or tapering …

Foil Highlighting crossword puzzle
Foil Highlighting

visible line separating colored hair and new growth, any technique that involves partial highlighting or coloring, technique in which selected strands …

Color Meanings crossword puzzle
Color Meanings

very happy, or likely to make people very happy--orange and yellow, dark, especially in a way that makes you feel sad--gray, clean and not mixed with …

Hair Structure crossword puzzle
Hair Structure

the outer layer of the hair shaft, the study of hair and its diseases, skin care doctor, the ability of the hair to absorb moisture, the oil from the …

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