Jewelry Designing Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: crown : the top half of a gem, channel setting : place two metals (gold, platinum, or silver > at appropriate positions on the side of the gem to support the gem, with metal between the gems. this work is more suitable for small stones than claw town, claw setting : refers to the use of many metal pins in the right place to support the gem, this process can make the gem back through more light, bezel : a band of metal with grooves or flanges. a gemstone surrounded by a metal band (gemstone holder) that extends outwards above the gemstone to hold the gemstone in the west position, damascene : the process of applying gold or silver to complex patterns of steel production. inlaid jewelry was widely popular in spain and japan, haton setting : holding the gemstone by a series of metal claws around a metal ring, also known as a crown or arch setting, cliquet : a fastening device with a beaded button, also known as a brooch or safety, brilliant cut : the most popular shape for cutting diamonds, is shaped like a hand cone, designed to reflect the most light, bevel cut : method of cutting a surface at an angle of less than 90°, carat : a unit of weight used to describe a gemstone or diamond, cabochon : gem cut into a circle, oval or hemispherical shape, or other shapes, with cut sides. higher density semi-precious stones mainly use this cutting work, such as turquoise or tiger's eye stone, face : the polished face of a gem.