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PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.

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QUESTIONS LIST: substitute : if your teacher is sick, you might have _ teacher teach the class, fatigue : after a long exercise, you might feel _ , consume : when you eat food, you _ it, aware : if you are _ of something, you know it exists, contradict : if you _ someone, you say that they are wrong, counter : when someone attacks and you fight back, facilitate : things that _ learning make it easier, equivalent : things that are worth the same amount are _ in value, dependence : if you need something, you have a _ on it, addiction : if you have an _ to something, you feel like you can't live without it, alertness : _ is a feeling of being awake and clearheaded, generate : power plants _ , or make, electricity, finite : if something can be measured or used up, it is _ , consumption : _ is the act of eating, buying or using up of of something, adequate : if you have an _ amount of something, you don't think you need more, advocate : someone who speaks for something is an _ , dispose : throw away, temporary : things that won't last for a long time are _ , abuse : to use something in the wrong way, or in a bad way, utilize : to make use of sth, alternative : an _ is another thing you could choose instead of something else, capacity : the amount of water a bottle can hold is its _ , additional : if you don't understand something in class, you can ask the teacher for _ help, convert : you can _ one kind of energy into another kind of energy, guarantee : when you make a promise on paper, that is called a _ .