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Gain deeper knowledge and vocabulary in the fields of energy, power and utilities with free printable crossword puzzles. Download one today and challenge yourself to solve these puzzles based on the clues provided.

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Energy Resources crossword puzzle
Energy Resources

_ is a brownish haze that forms when sunlight reacts with pollution in the air, _ means using things that have been thrown away to make new objects, _ …

Energy Sources crossword puzzle
Energy Sources

also known as crude oil, _ oil is found in reservoirs in porous rock, also known as fossil fuels, quality of some types of rock, like limestone and …

Sustainable Energy crossword puzzle
Sustainable Energy

when the nucleus of an atom splits into lighter nuclei through a nuclear reaction, energy from the flow of water, energy from the sun, natural …

Fuel Types and Uses crossword puzzle
Fuel Types and Uses

maximum number of years until we run out of oil, what crude oil is recovered from (2 words), what natural gas is mostly comprised of, smelly nonmetal …

Energy and Natural Resources crossword puzzle
Energy and Natural Resources

the transformation of energy that is present in the sun, internal heat of the earth, one of the greenhouse gas, focuses on protecting and restoring …

Batteries crossword puzzle

_ cell is suitable for low current devices like hearing aids, watches, etc, on charging secondary batteries, the reaction is _ , type of battery which …

Hydropower crossword puzzle

the act of keeping something under control, stopping it becoming more powerful, to let a substance flow out, to put a piece of equipment somewhere and …

Energy and Heat crossword puzzle
Energy and Heat

heat is transferred by touch, the ability to do work, amount of thermal energy to raise 1g of water 1 c, heat transfers through liquid or gas, energy …

Wind, Geothermal, Biomass & Nuclear crossword puzzle
Wind, Geothermal, Biomass & Nuclear

this tall tower is topped by blades that turn in the wind to power a generator to produce electricity, this is a group of wind turbines in one …

Hydro, Ocean and Solar Power crossword puzzle
Hydro, Ocean and Solar Power

this terraced concrete spillway, which is adjacent to a hydro dam, allows fish to move past the dam to spawning grounds, this unit of electrical power …

Oil and Natural Gas crossword puzzle
Oil and Natural Gas

this fuel made from petroleum is used in diesel engines, for both transportation and power plants, this light fuel obtained by distilling petroleum is …

Energy Revision crossword puzzle
Energy Revision

energy is the _ to do work or cause a change in something, energy of motion, energy stored in position, ‘energy can neither be _ nor destroyed', …

Energy and Climate Quiz crossword puzzle
Energy and Climate Quiz

energy generated from atoms, either by fission or by fusion [7], name for heat energy which is derived from the earths sub-surface [10], renewable …

Energy Transfer crossword puzzle
Energy Transfer

device that produces energy by spinning big blades, which in turn spins a generator to make energy, cell that converts energy of sunlight into …

Stores of energy crossword puzzle
Stores of energy

energy given off by very hot objects, energy stored in an object with temperature above absolute zero, energy stored in an object due to its height …

Electricity Production crossword puzzle
Electricity Production

these are found under ground and burned to produce energy, this turns the generator, a fossil fuel that is , a fossil fuel that is used by cars, very …

Energy Saving Light Bulbs crossword puzzle
Energy Saving Light Bulbs

what goes up when buying led lights compared to other lights?, compact fluorescent lights, what do light bulbs emit, bulb that uses the most energy, …

Nuclear Fuel, Reactors and Mining crossword puzzle
Nuclear Fuel, Reactors and Mining

1000x more radioactive than ore, the control rods are inserted from the bottom, formula of uranium for enrichment, processing fuel from mining to the …

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