Wind, Geothermal, Biomass & Nuclear Crossword Puzzle

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  • wind turbine : this tall tower is topped by blades that turn in the wind to power a generator to produce electricity.
  • wind farm : this is a group of wind turbines in one location.
  • horizontal axis : this wind turbine has a motor shaft that runs horizontally.
  • windmill : this ancient structure was used to grind grain into flour when the wind blew.
  • vertical axis : this wind turbine has a motor shaft that runs vertically.
  • geologist : this scientist studies earth's structures and processes.
  • incinerator : this waste-to-energy facility burns organic waste to produce energy.
  • methanol : this ultra-clean burning fuel for combustion engines can be made from biomass.
  • wet geothermal : this involves using naturally heated ground water or steam to produce energy.
  • biomass : this is once-living plant or animal matter that can be used as a fuel source.
  • geothermal energy : this steam energy is derived from hot rocks beneath the earth's surface.
  • charcoal : this black, porous carbon form is produced by heating wood in a kiln with no air.
  • binary geothermal : this technology uses a fluid with a lower boiling point than water to produce electricity.
  • agrologist : this is a scientist in the field of agriculture and natural sciences.
  • dry geothermal : this involves pumping surface water deep into hot, dry rock layers to produce energy.
  • biodiesel : this renewable fuel is made from products like canola, rapeseed & soy oils.
  • microbes : these tiny living organisms act as decomposers in living biomass.
  • uranium : this highly radioactive element is used in fission reactions to produce much energy.
  • super grid : this power network connects the electrical power of many countries together.
  • radiation shield : this thick concrete liner encases a nuclear reactor.
  • sievert : this is a unit of radiation dosage.
  • thorium : this "safer" radioactive element is used in nuclear power generation.