Energy Sources Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: petroleum : also known as crude oil, crude : _ oil is found in reservoirs in porous rock, hydrocarbons : also known as fossil fuels, porous : quality of some types of rock, like limestone and sandstone, pores : tiny holes or empty spaces, reservoir : a place where oil collects and stores, nonrenewable : energy sources that form too slowly to replenish in a sustainable timeframe, renewable : energy sources that continuously circulate rather than deplete, seams : coal is formed from fossilized organic matter and found in layers or _ , fossil : _ fuels are a nonrenewable resource, turbine : a wind _ is a large, modern windmill, water : dams utilize flowing _ to turn a giant turbine and generate energy, solar : the sun's energy, photovoltaic : _ cells harvest solar energy, photoelectric : the _ effect allows the absorption of photons of light and the release of electrons, which are captured and used to generate electric current, passive : _ solar stores heat energy from the sun for later use