Nuclear Energy Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: CLOUD CHAMBER: Used to detect nuclear particles as a visible path of droplets, BUBBLE CHAMBER: Uses tracks of bubbles to detect radiation, ALPHA PARTICLE: Comprised of two protons and two neutrons, GEIGER COUNTER: Device that produces an electric current when radiation is present, GAMMA RAYS: Electromagnetic waves with high-frequency energy, TRACER: A radioisotope used to find or track molecules in an organism, CRITICAL MASS: Amount of fissionable material required for a fission reaction to produce one or more fission reactions, FISSION: Process of splitting a nucleus into two nuclei with smaller masses, BETA PARTICLE: High-speed electron emitted from a nucleus, HALF-LIFE: Amount of time it takes for half the nuclei in a radioactive sample to decay, STRONG FORCE: Causes protons and neutrons to be attracted to each other, RADIOACTIVITY: The release of matter and energy from nuclear decay, FUSION: Combines two smaller nuclei to make a larger nucleus, TRANSMUTATIONS: Process of changing one element to another through nuclear decay, CHAIN REACTION: An ongoing series of fission reactions