Waves Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: HERTZ : How we typically measure frequency, PHOTONS : This is what light is made of, TROUGH : The bottom of a wave, WAVELENGTH : The distance from the top of one wave to the top of another, INTERFERENCE : The interaction between waves when they meet. Can be constructive or destructive, CREST : The top of a wave, FREQUENCY : How many waves pass by in a set amount of time, DIFFRACTION : The bending of waves as they pass around a barrier, REFLECTION : A wave bouncing off of a medium, TRANSMISSION : A wave passing through a medium without changing its energy, SEISMIC : Waves that travel through the Earth during earthquakes, REFRACTION : A wave changing speed as is passes through a medium, causing it to bend, ELECTROMAGNETIC : The spectrum of waves that includes radios, microwaves, and gamma rays, AMPLITUDE : The distance from the middle of a wave to the crest, ABSORPTION : Energy transferring from a wave into a medium, DIFFUSE : When (parts of) waves bounce in multiple directions after hitting a medium