Energy Saving Light Bulbs Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: price : what goes up when buying led lights compared to other lights?, cfl : compact fluorescent lights, photons : what do light bulbs emit, incandescent : bulb that uses the most energy, led : lights that have a positive environmental impact, lumens : what are the units for brightness, mercury : something led lights don't have that make them safer for the user, watt : you can buy bulbs in different what, electrons : led lights turn on with what moving around, lifespan : the first bulbs ever created didn't work for the public because of a short _ , energy : what department partnered with a private industry to push white led technology, filaments : something led lights don't have that often burn out, efficient : in 1960 bulbs became a lot more energy _ , pressure : something edison changed when creating his bulb along with the filaments