Energy and Climate Quiz Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: nuclear: energy generated from atoms, either by fission or by fusion [7], geothermal: name for heat energy which is derived from the earths sub-surface [10], wind: renewable energy source responsible for 85% of northern ireland renewably produced electricity [4], digestion: anaerobic _ . process by which you can produce fuels from organic matter [9], photovoltaic: solar _ . device which converts solar energy into electricity [12], biomass: the worlds dominant source of energy pre 19th century [7], methane: greenhouse gas. second largest contributor to climate change [7], heat pump: highly efficient technology which converts electricity into heat [4,4], hydroelectric: renewable energy created by the flow of moving water [13], carbon dioxide: greenhouse gas. largest contributor to climate change [6,7], electricity: a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles [11], renewable: name for energy derived from replenish-able resources such as wind and solar [9], hydrogen: most abundant gas on earth, which creates water when burned and can be used in fuel cells to generate electricity [8], tidal: renewable energy created from the natural rise and fall of the sea [5]