Ocean Currents Crossword Puzzle

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  • heat : transported by currents from the earth's equator to the poles
  • warm : current: carries warm water away from the equator toward cool areas
  • climate : long-term weather conditions in an area. influence by ocean currents.
  • deflection : continental _ - cause currents change their direction as they come in contact with continents
  • cold : current: carries cool water away from the poles toward warmer areas
  • gulf stream : current: carries warm water from the equator toward the poles near greenland, creating a mild climate there
  • california : current: brings down cool water from the north and keeps the climate cooler on the west coast than the inland climate
  • sun : the driving force of the ocean current's convection pattern.
  • temperature : differences in _ and salinity cause the movement of deep water currents
  • ocean current : a stream-like movement of water that transports heat throughout the ocean
  • surface : current: located at or near the surface and influences climate of coastal areas
  • deep : current: located far below the surface that circulates warm and cold water around the world
  • salinity : measure of how much dissolved salt is in the ocean. determines the density of the water
  • latitude : the distance north or south of the equator
  • global winds : controls the direction that surface currents flow
  • coriolis effect : influenced by the earth's rotation and causes ocean currents to move in a curved rather than straight path
  • convection : currents in the ocean and the global winds move in a circular pattern due to uneven heating from the poles and equator.