Hydro, Ocean and Solar Power Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Hydro, Ocean and Solar Power crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: fish ladder : this terraced concrete spillway, which is adjacent to a hydro dam, allows fish to move past the dam to spawning grounds, megawatt : this unit of electrical power is equal to one million watts, weir : this barrier is used to control the flow rate of rivers during periods of high discharge, terawatt : this unit of electrical power is equal to one trillion watts, micro hydro : this refers to small-scale hydro power development, kilowatt : this unit of electrical power is equal to one thousand watts, greenhouse : these atmospheric _ gases prevent solar radiation from escaping earth, run-of-river : this is small-scale hydro-power generation that does not dam a river, gigawatt : this unit of electrical power is equal to one billion watts, tidal power : this energy is derived from moving sea water, which is caused by rising and falling tides, day lighting : this is architectural design aimed at letting in as much natural light through windows as possible, tidal barrage : this dam across a bay or estuary operates like a hydro dam, solar farm : this is a large installation of photovoltaic cells or specialized mirrors that capture or reflect solar radiation and turn it into electricity, csp : this uses mirrors to direct sunlight beams onto a tower where it heats a fluid to become steam and then generate electricity, sun belt : this latitude is where high pressure prevails, which results in sunny skies for most of the year, turbine : marine current _ - these are designed to generate electricity like wind turbines, except they are under water, solar roof tile : this is a special roof tile that also generates electricity, photovoltaic cells : these are made up of materials that allow electrons to flow through them, so energy from sunlight heats the cell molecules so that their electrons break away to become electricity, methane : this is the most potent greenhouse gas.