Thermal Energy, Weather, and Climate Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Thermal Energy, Weather, and Climate crossword puzzle.

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  • conduction : transfer of energy through direct contact
  • thermal energy : the total kinetic energy of particles
  • surface currents : occurs at or near the surface of the ocean, caused by wind
  • air pressure : the force of air molecules pushing on an area
  • radiation : electromagnetic waves
  • water cycle : movement of water between the atmosphere
  • convection : transfer of energy due to movement of matter
  • temperature : a measure of the average kinetic energy
  • wind : movement of air caused by the differences in air pressure
  • global winds : wind systems that occur at or near earth's surface
  • ocean current : stream-like movements of water in the ocean
  • coriolis effect : the apparent curving of the path of a moving object due to earth's rotation
  • jet stream : narrow belts of high speed winds that blow from west to east
  • heat : energy that is transferred between objects that are at different temperatures
  • local winds : the movement of air over short distances