Earth's Weather Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: cirrus clouds : the thin, feathery clouds high in the sky, summer : the season with the warmest air, weather : what the air is like outside, hurricane : has strong winds, high ocean waves & heavy rain, temperature : a measure of how hot or cold the air is, thermometer : a tool to measure temperature, cumulus clouds : clouds that look like puffy, white cotton, water cycle : the way water moves from the air to the land and back to the air, spring : the season with warmer air & more rain, stratus clouds : low, gray clouds that stretch across the sky, winter : the season with the coldest air, blizzard : a storm with heavy snow and strong winds, fall : the season with cooler air, thunderstorm : has rain, thunder & lightning, tornado : a funnel-shaped cloud that spins very fast & has strong winds