Natural Cycles Crossword Puzzle

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  • bio geo chemical cycle : the cycling of chemical elements through living and nonliving parts of an ecosystem
  • runoff : the precipitation that flows over the surface of soil
  • nodule : a swelling on a plant root that contains nitrogen-fixing bacteria
  • cellular respiration : the process in cells by which oxygen and glucose are used to produce energy and carbon dixoide
  • legume : a plant that hosts nitrogen-fixing bacteria in nodules on its roots
  • photo chemical smog : the brown smog produced when air pollutants react with sunlight
  • acid precipitation : the precipitation that is more acidic than normal rainwater
  • collection : the process by which precipitation is gathered into a body of water
  • photosynthesis : the process that allows green plants to make sugars from sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide into oxygen
  • emission : a pollutant released into the atmosphere
  • denitrification : the process that releases nitrogen from soil back into the atmosphere
  • nitrogen fixation : the conversion of nitrogen in the atmosphere to a form that can be used by plants