Forests Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: deforestation : the process of removing forests, desertification : the process of turning soil into sand, mangrove : a type of tree with roots that grow underwater, sawmill : a place where logs are transformed into smaller pieces for construction, taiga : the smallest northern forests are called _ , tundra : the smallest type of vegetation found only in very cold climates, exploitation : to make money by using a resource is called _ , deciduous : a tree that loses its leaves is called a _ tree, boreal : type of forest that contains mainly coniferous trees, tropical : type of forest that grows only in hot climates, mixed : the type of forest that contains both deciduous and coniferous trees, trade : the economy is a measure of how much we _ , employment : a longer word for "jobs", pacific: the largest ocean, atlantic : the ocean in between africa and the americas, brazil : the largest country in south america, tributary : a small river that feeds a larger river, amazonia : the forest region spans 9 countries!, poacher : a person who illegally steals a natural resource