Weathing, Erosion and Deposition Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Ice Wedging : When water seeps into cracks, then freezes, we call it this., Appalachian : These mountains in the us are very smooth and eroded., Land Form : Physical feature of earth's surface, Mechanical : When rocks break into smaller pieces by physical means., Burrowing : Animals, such as wolves, are doing this to make their homes in the ground., Weathering : Natural process by which atmospheric and environmental agents disintegrate rocks., Chemical : When rocks break down by chemical reactions, we say it is ___ weathering., Erosion : Process where materials of earth's surface are loosened, dissolved, or worn away., Abrasion : Grinding and wearing away of rock surface through action of rock/sand particles., Oxidation : Process when metal combines with oxygen. forms rust., Landslide : Don't get caught in one of these while driving a truck!, Temperature : These changes help disintegrate and decompose rocks., Roots : Parts of plants that crack rock.