Oil and Natural Gas Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Oil and Natural Gas crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: diesel fuel : this fuel made from petroleum is used in diesel engines, for both transportation and power plants, kerosene : this light fuel obtained by distilling petroleum is used as lamp oil and in jet engines, conventional : this is what we call natural gas that was extracted by using the easy method of drilling into a gas pocket, moratorium : this is a formally agreed-upon period of time during which a specific activity is halted or postponed, shale gas : this gas is removed from shale formations, using unconventional gas extraction methods, permafrost : this permanently-frozen ground has an upper, "active" layer that thaws in the summer, liquefied : _ natural gas - this is mostly methane and has been cooled to liquefy it for ease of transport, skimmer vessel : this specially-designed ship vacuums oil from the surface of the ocean and pumps it into storage barges, super tanker : this large ship is equipped to transport large quantities of coal or natural gas, oil sands : also called tar sands, these oil-saturated sands are found in northern alberta, bitumen : this is semi-solid petroleum found in oil sands, unconventional : this is what we call natural gas that was trapped in rock and was removed by non-standard methods, in situ : this oil-extraction process heats bitumen with steam to liquefy it and then pump it to the surface, carbon crude : this ultra-clean mixture of natural gas and carbon dioxide can be used to replace gasoline, pipeline : this network of under and above-ground pipes is used to transport oil, natural gas, water or sewage, oil dispersant : this oil-dissolving chemical is sprayed from aircraft into an oil spill.