Work in Spa Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: dizziness : caused by release of toxins, may accompany nausea, kneipp : _ therapy, uses alternating hot and cold water, prescriptive : to match clients needs, sterilization : removal of complete removal of all microorganisms and their spores, spiritual : water heals by emotional, physical and _ wellness, density : the mass of a substance in relation to its volume, cleaning : using warm soapy water to remove surface germs and dirt, disinfecting : removes microorganisms but not their spores, roman : used baths for healing and as a social gathering, capacity : specific heat _ , turkish : have used hammam steam baths since 200 bce, holistic : treating the body as a whole entity, vaporization : heat _ , signature : _ treatment designed by the spa owner, turbulence : irregular flow of water, tinea : fungal infection, itchy scaly rash, buoyancy : opposite to gravity allowing you to float in water, spa : means salus per aquam in latin, balneo : _ therapy - a therapy immersing in mineral water or pools, ph : measures alkalinity and acidity of water