Esthetics Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: sensitive : this skin type is easily irritated by products or by exposure to heat or sun, dehydration : this occurs when you have a lack of water, normal : most common skin type in twenties and thirties, health history : what is the first procedure to a facial treatment?, hypo pigmentation : lack of melanin production due to multiple factors, patch test : best way to determine if a client is allergic to a product, fitzpatrick scale : used to measure the skin type's ability to tolerate ultraviolet exposure, client intake : what form do you use for a new client to your salon?, poor elasticity : skin laxity from damage, sun, and aging, sun exposure : avoid this to maintain healthy skin habits, antioxidants : this extends the shelf life of a product and reduces the rate of oxidation in formulas, external : outside factors that speed up the whole aging process, oily : overproduction of oil due to genetics, hormonal changes, medication, stress or environmental factors, intrinsic : our body's internal, or this, health affects how we feel and skin can look and perform, skin analysis : perform this first step in successful skin care treatments and recommendations