Hair and Skin Conditions Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: damaged cuticle : the hair shaft is missing areas of cuticle, hair is dry and loses moisture, pigmented : three different types of this condition exist. the melanin production is affected, mature : this condition goes beyond age. it is wrinkly with sun spots, sensitive : it looks red, usually dry skin with broken capillaries, damaged : occurs due to different things including the sun, over use of products and heat, sebaceous cyst : swelling of the oil gland with bumps and lumps containing fluid, dehydrated : the skin lacks moisture with flakes and fine lines, split ends : fraying ends, poorly conditioned hair, monilethrix : bead like swellings along the hair. it often breaks at weaker points, trichorrhexis nodosa : nodules forming on the hair shaft, splitting and breaking the cuticle layer.