Plate Tectonics Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Mantle : _______________ Convection - What is the slow creeping motion of earth's solid silicate mantle caused by convection currents carrying heat from the interior of the earth to the surface?, Outer Core : What is the liquid layer of earth's core?, Slab Pull : What is the portion of motion of a tectonic plate that can be accounted for b the portion of motion of a tectonic plate that can be accounted for by its subduction?, Ridge Push : What pushes the rest of a plate away from the mid-ocean ridge?, Iron : What element makes up most of earth's core?, Core : What is the outermost layer of earth?, Core : What extends from below the mantle to the center of earth?, Lithosphere : What is the outermost rigid layer of earth?, Divergent : ___________ Boundaries - When two plates move away from each other this is called..., Sea-floor Spreading : What explains the age and magnetic patterns of sea floor rocks?, Tectonic Plates : The lithosphere is divided into..., Transform : __________________ Boundary - A boundary at which two plates move past each other horizontally is called a..., Mesosphere : What is the strong lower part of the earth's mantle?, Convergent : ____________ Boundaries - Two plates collide they make..., Inner Core : What is dense and is in the center of earth and extends from the bottom of the outer core to the center of earth?, Ocean : _____________ Trenches - What are the huge trenches on earth's seafloor?, Convection : What is the movement of matter that results from differences in density?, Mantle : What is located between the core and the crust?, Plate Tectonics : What describes large scale movements of the earth's lithosphere?