Rock Cycle Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Erosion : The process of eroding by wind, Sedimentary : What is formed by deposition, Metamorphic : What is a rock that transform by heat or pressure, Heat : What are the metamorphic process, Rock : What is a solid mineral material that to form on the surface of earth, Compacting : When rocks are stick together what is that called, Limestone : Different type of sedimentary rocks, Mineral : What is a inorganic substance, Weathering : What wears away and change things, Deposition : What breaks down things, Igneous : What is from magma or lave, Extrusive : What is called when magma reached earth surface and turned in a rock surface, Basalt : What are intrusive igneous rocks, Rockcycle : What is called the process of rocks, Cooling : What cause a igneous rock, Pressure : What is another metamorphic process