Vehicle Driver Safety Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Turning Signal : Use these to alert others when you are changing direction, Headlights : Used at dusk, dawn and in poor weather, Defroster : Turn on in the cold to clear your view, Pressure Gauge : Use when your tire pressure light comes on, Lugnuts : Remove when changing a tire, but don't forget to put back when you're done, Gasoline : Always ensure you have an adequate amount for your travels, Oil : Change regularly, Tire Pressure : Maintaining is important for safety, longevity, and comfort, Emergency Break : Commonly used as a parking break, Karl Benz : Person who had the first patent for a practical automobile, Insurance : Sometimes helps you in your time of need and required by law to have in california when driving, Germany : Where the first car is credited to have been invented, License : Don't drive a car unless you have one of these...required by law, Horn : Use this to alert others of your presence, Airbag : Will deploy in an accident, Inspect : Do this on a regular basis, Break Lights : Ensure these are working at all times to alert others when you are stopping and slowing down, Mirrors : Adjust these according to your needs, Spare : Always have one of these on hand, Seatbelt : Click it or ticket