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QUESTIONS LIST: reconstitute : to restore foods to their normal state by adding water, beat : to make a mixture smooth by adding air using a brisk stirring or whipping motion with a spoon or an electric mixer, blend : to combine two or more ingredients until smooth and of uniform consistency, dredge : to dip into or sprinkle with flour, mix : to combine ingredients until evenly distributed or blended, whip : to beat rapidly to incorporate air and to increase volume, slice : to cut or divide into flat pieces, marinate : to let a food, such as meat, stand in a liquid to increase the flavor and/or tenderness of a food, fold : to combine ingredients into a light, airy mixture using a down, across, up, and over motion with a rubber spatula, baste : keep food moist during cooking by spooning or pouring melted fat, meat drippings, fruit juice, or sauce over it, scald : to heat milk just below the boiling point, sift : to pass dry ingredients through a mesh or screen to add air or to combine dry ingredients, bread : to dip food into a mixture, such as beaten eggs and milk, and then roll it in crumbs, stir : to mix foods with a circular motion, dice : to cut into small even pieces, mince : to cut with a sharp knife or scissors into very small pieces, chop : to cut into pieces with a knife, scissors, or food chopper, cream : to stir or beat solid fat, such as shortening or butter, with sugar until the mixture is soft, smooth, and creamy, brown : to cook food quickly at a high temperature so the surface becomes brown, mash : to crush food until it has a smooth texture, knead : to use a fold-push-turn motion when working with doughs, sear : to brown the surface of meat quickly with intense heat, cutin : to mix dry ingredients into shortening by using a pastry blender, two knives, or a fork